1. Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin is low pesticide residues
2. Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin is non-GMO;Non-irradiation
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4. Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin
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Product introduction


Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin active ingredients contained can delay the cell aging process. You can activate the body's own activities of SOD, and comprehensively improve the antioxidant capacity and timely repair damaged cells.

Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin also has anti-inflammatory effects, to prevent liver cell damage, activate anabolic processes in order to facilitate the repair of damaged liver cells, and can enhance the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) composition and activity of ornithine decarboxylase, prompting impaired The regeneration.

Schisandra contains lignans are potent antioxidants, can inhibit free radicals, and can increase the antioxidant. In addition, schisandrin, Schisanhenol have antioxidant effect, can eliminate free radicals, inhibiting the formation of lipid peroxidation.

Schisandra is often used as anti-aging and Qi tonic, but more recent studies illustrate this principle. The study found that Schisandra contains lignans can enhance adenosine triphosphate (ATP) or mitochondria (cellular energy library) energy production, while protecting the mitochondria from oxidative stress by the infringement. These effects are sufficient to explain why Schisandra can slow down the aging process and keep skin youthful.


Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin.jpg


Product Basic Information


Production Name


English Name

Schisandra Berries Extract/ Schisandra Berry P.E./ Schisandrin A

Latin Name

schisandra chinensis (turcz.) baill.


1%~5% Deoxyschizandrin


Brown Yellow Fine powder



Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



Antidepressant, antitumor and antiseptic

Improve the immunity of the body



25kg/drum; 1kg/foil bag; double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Expiration Date

2 years if sealed and stored properly.

Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

[Storage] Stored in a clean, cool and dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.

[Shelf Life] 2 years when properly stored.


Inner double plastic bags--25kg/Fiber drum (35*35*53cm, GW: 28kg, NW: 25kg, 0.06CBM);

Inner double plastic bags--5kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 6.5kg, NW: 5kg);

Inner double plastic bags--1kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 1.5kg, NW: 1kg).

[Delivery] 5 working days after payment.

Schisandra Chinens extract Deoxyschizandrin.jpg

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