Red Yeast Rice Extract

Red Yeast Rice Extract

Red Yeast Rice Extract
Strengthen the spleen and digestion
Lowering blood pressure and total cholesterol
Improving blood circulation
Preventing Alzheimer S Disease.


Red Yeast Rice Extract

Introduction of Red Yeast Rice Extract:

Red yeast rice extract has been used in China for centuries as both a food and as a medicinal substance. It is made by fermenting a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus over red rice. In Chinese medicine, Monascus purpureus is used to promote blood circulation, soothe upset stomach, and invigorate the function of the spleen, a body organ that destroys old blood cells and filters foreign substances.
Red yeast rice is obtained through fermentation of Non-Gmo rice with monascus purpureus which is made from high-quality& non-genetically modified rice with natural solid-liquid fermentation and state out of a natural lovastatin (Monacolin-K),have a good stability and good effects on lowering cholesterol.

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Main Ingredient of Red Yeast Rice Extract:


The main ingredient of Monascus of Monascus pigment; lovastatin class (MonacolinK); ergosterol;  enzyme active substances and gamma aminobutyric acid compounds.

Specification:Monacolin-K 0.1%,0.2%,0.4%,1.0%,1.5%,2.0%,2.5%,3.0%


Our Natural Red Yeast Rice Extract contains high concentration of active ingredients and has following specialties:


◆ 100% sterile solid-state fermentation, no additive contained.

◆ Extremely low Heavy Metals Content

◆ Citrinin content is strictly controlled at 0.05ppm max.

◆ ISO9001, ISO 22000, Food GMP, EU organic, USDA organic, KOSHER and HALLA are accredited.

◆ All products are produced in GMP Workshop, and are pasteurized under high temperature, Irradiation is therefore unnecessary.

◆ All our raw material is organic rice planted and processed in our own planting and processing base, which ensures high quality and stability of raw material.  

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Red Yeast Rice Extract Information


Production Name

Red Yeast Rice Extract

Latin Name

Monascus Purpureus Went

English Name

Rhodiola Rosea Extract  / Rhodiola Rosea P.E.


0.05%~3.0% Monacolin-K HPLC


Red Fine Powder



Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



1. Red Yeast Rice Extract used for coloring

2. Used for Fermenting wine

3. Used health care or medicine


25kg/drum; 1kg/foil bag; double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Expiration Date

2 years if sealed and stored properly.

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Application of Red Yeast Rice Extract:

  1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, Monacolin-K powder used as raw materials to lower blood pressure and total cholesterol;

  2. Applied in health product industry, it used to improve blood circulation and benefit stomach;

  3. Applied in food industry, Monacolin-K can be used as food supplements and natural pigment.


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