Notoginseng Leaf Extract

Notoginseng Leaf Extract

Notoginseng Leaf Extract
Notoginseng Leaf Extract have good curative effect on lung and heart diseases
Curing coronary heart disease and Hyper lipidemia
Notoginseng Leaf Extract have good effect on curing brain infarct
Expanding blood vessel, improving blood, restraining blood platelet collecting and increasing brain blood stream
Notoginseng Leaf Extract used in sequela of palsy hemiplegia


Notoginseng Leaf Extract

Panax Notoginseng or simply Notoginseng, also known as "San Qi" or "Tian Qi", is one of the most powerful and beneficial traditional Chinese medicine herbs known to humankind and is grown only in Yunnan province in China.

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Product Basic Information

Production Name

Notoginseng Leaf Extract

English Name

Notoginseng Leaf & stem Extract/ Sanqi Extract/Panax Notoginseng Extract 

Latin Name

Panax notoginseng(Burk.) F.H.Chen


1%-80% Notoginsenoside UV


Light Yellow Fine Powder



Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



Health Care Products; Medicines


1. Anti-tumor,anti-inflammation, antioxidant and anti-aging.

2. Relieve nervous system, immune system.

3. The effects on the blood and hematopoietic system.

4. Enhance the body's resistance to radiation ability to reduce radiation to hematopoietic system damage.


25kg/drum; 1kg/foil bag; double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Expiration Date

2 years if sealed and stored properly.

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Product Advantages

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(1)Blood and Blood-making System:

Notoginseng Leaf Extract has fairly high effect of hemostasia, because notoginseng extract can shorten the time for bleeding and cruor and promote cleavage, growth and multiplication of various blood cells. 

(2)Cardiovascular System:

It can evidently enlarge blood vessel, reduce coronary resistance, increase coronary flux, enhance coronary microcirculation and increase blood flux in nutritious cardiac muscle, also can reduce artery pressure, slightly decrease cardioverter and relieve heart workload.

(3)Nervous System:

It can inhibit central nerves, having the efficacy of calming down, soothing mood and promoting slumber.


It  has fairly high effect of anti-inflammation. 

(5)Immune System:

It can evidently raise phagocytosis rate and phagocytosis index of phagocytic cells, improve the total number of leucocytes in ambient blood and reduce mobile index of leucocytes. Notoginsenosides has certain degree of immune and regulative effect.

(6)Anti-oxidation and Anti-aging Effect:

It can evidently improve the activity of SOD and reduce the content of LPO in brain tissues and blood, thus having anti-aging effect.


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