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Bilberry Extract
Jun 11, 2018

Bilberry Extract

    Bilberry is a perennial shrub. The bilberry is rejuvenated in an organic, rich, acidic soil. Wild cranberries are extremely cold-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures of -50°C. Wild European cranberries are abundant in Scandinavia (Norway). It has long been used in the treatment of diabetes and eye diseases in northern Europe, North America and Canada. As a powerful herb with powerful efficacy in treating various digestive system, circulatory system and eye diseases, it is also mentioned in many ancient literatures in Buryatia, Europe and China.

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Pharmacological Effects

    Bilberry is rich in anthocyanins, and the pigment substances in bilberry anthocyanins are mainly anthocyanin-2-glucoside, anthocyanin-3-xyloside, anthocyanin-3-esitigenin, and cyanine. Prime-2-rhamnoside, delphinium-3-rhamnoside, delphinium-5-glucoside, 3-O-acyl pyridinoid, malva pigment-3, 5-disaccharide radon and 3 ,3-diacylated flower extractor and so on. Bilberry anthocyanins are advanced pharmaceutical intermediates that help maintain capillary integrity and stabilize collagen. Bilberry extract adapted to the crowd Bilberry extract is also a powerful antioxidant.


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Related Applications

   Ripe cranberry fruit is rich in brass pigments and used as antioxidant anthocyanins. The use of bilberry extract alone or in combination with beta-carotene and vitamin E at the same time in healthy or visually impaired patients can significantly improve nighttime vision, respond more quickly to darkness, and restore visual acuity quickly after exposure to bright light.

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