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One of The Most Powerful Effects Of Ginseng Extract
May 31, 2018

Benefits of Ginseng Extract-Potent Antioxidant That May Reduce Inflammation

Ginseng has beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

   Some test-tube studies have shown that ginseng extracts and ginsenoside compounds could inhibit inflammation and increase antioxidant capacity in cells .The results are promising in humans, as well.


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   One study investigated the effects of having 18 young male athletes take 2 grams of ginseng extract three times per day for seven days.The men then had levels of certain inflammatory markers tested after performing an exercise test. These levels were significantly lower than in the placebo group, lasting for up to 72 hours after testing .

    Another study followed people with skin inflammation. It found improvements in inflammation and antioxidative activity after treatment with ginseng extract .



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   Lastly, a larger study followed 71 postmenopausal women who took 3 grams of ginseng extract powder or a placebo daily for 12 weeks. Antioxidant activity and oxidative stress markers were then measured.


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    Researchers concluded that ginseng may help reduce oxidative stress by increasing antioxidant enzyme activities.



Ginseng has been shown to help reduce inflammatory markers and help protect against oxidative stress.

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