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The market price of Milk Thistle Extract
Jan 23, 2018

Silybum Marianum Gaertn, or Mik Thistle, is native to the Kashmir mountains of India and Pakistan, and is grown in many parts of Europe, the americas and Australia.

Milk Thistle Extract from the whole grass and achene of the artichoke plant, is a yellow powder or crystalline powder, which has a bitter taste.



Currently used in the preparation of silymarin on international wooden fat element of the total flavonoids content is 80%, which mainly contains Mik Thistle Silybins, among them the highest content of Mik Thistle Silybins, protect the liver activity is the highest.

Milk Thistle Extract protects liver cells from alcohol and environmental pollution. With strong antioxidant function, it can protect liver cells from free radical damage, and is far more effective than vitamin E. It has the effect of promoting the synthesis of proteins, so the silythian is known as the "natural liver protection agent". Silymarin has other protect liver, fall hematic fat and anti-tumor effect, silymarin mucosa can protect the liver cells, promote the liver cell repair and regeneration function and effect of anti liver fibrosis.


Buy Milk Thistle Extract

In recent years, with the increase of the market demand of silymarin, the market price of milk thistle extract has been promoted. From the overall trend, the production of silymarin is increasing every year. With the increase of market demand, the price of milk thistle extract is predicted to be on the rise in 2018, and the demand for milk thistle extract will increase continuously.




The price of Milk Thistle Extract

At present, the gap of silymarin in the market is around 20%, and the market is basically in short supply. , according to the research on the market at present UV80 double bean milk thistle market average price in 600 yuan/kg, UV80 silymarin market average price in 670 yuan/kg, and we are through the investigation of various factors, estimated the price of the silymarin at a steadily rising stage.


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