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In order to ensure the quality of products, Hosunbio has a special laboratory, which is mainly responsible for the production of materials, intermediate, semi-finished products and finished product quality inspection.

Lab is equipped with professional technical personnel including QC inspection personnel, technology developers, precision instrument operation and test method for personnel and advanced precision instruments such as Ultraviolet Detector, high performance liquid chromatography, solvent residual pesticide residues detection instrument etc


 Ensure orderly sequences of production, product quality standard, the company also is equipped with a dedicated QA personnel, for production of materials, intermediates, finished product release, monitoring sampling operation, to clear checks, a clean area, supplier management, the management of state identity, deviation investigation and handling, change control management, product quality accident investigation and handling of customer complaint handling, production batch record management, strictly control product recalls and other related work.

 Hosun bio has highly R & D research and development capabilities.


    First, equipped with advanced natural product separation and purification research and development equipment,Such as Med-extractive enrichment system, large rotary evaporator, small and medium-sized column, small vacuum oven, small spray drying tower and Agilent GC / MS,Waters high performance liquid detector, All provide a strong support for research and development work.



    Second, the company has a relatively good R & D team. About 80% R & D personnel is graduated from undergraduate.Successively with the Agricultural University, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other institutions of higher learning to reach a strategic cooperation, and with the United States, Australia and other foreign experts to carry out research, With its modern advanced equipment and the most advanced technology line for the company's production and operation mode to the professional and large-scale transformation has laid a good foundation, effectively strengthened the company in the production of low-residue plant extracts on the leading position , So that enterprises become the domestic low-residue pesticide extract deep processing of the leading.


    Third, The company benefited from the development of Free pesticide residues, free plasticizers, low pesticide residue botanic extracts,Such as Ginseng root extract, ginseng stem and leaf extract, American ginseng extract and sec. Low pesticide residues, low heavy metal products are exported to Europe and the United States, and customers at home and abroad praise.


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