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Abuse Of Food Additives, What Are The Risks
Nov 23, 2017

In now the food processing industry, are widely used food additives.So what is the effect of food additives to health of people?

Food additive is to enhance the stability of food quality, to prevent food deterioration and improve properties.According to its source can be divided into two categories, natural and chemical synthesis, according to its USES can be divided into the essence, spice, pigment, antioxidants, fungicide, flavouring agent, sweeteners, bleach, bulking agent and nutrition enhancer and so on.

However, in recent 40 years, countries due to the abuse of food additives, poisoning, and emerge in endlessly., according to the analysis of cancer each year 5 million people around the world, about 50% are caused by food contamination, including some from food additives, such as the cow yellow pigment, alkaline huai, huang in the artificial sweetener saccharin and has banned preservative coke diethyl carbonate, etc., are suspected carcinogens.

Preservative is one of the main food additives, it has killed microbes or inhibit the reproduction of chemistry, although most preservatives is non-toxic and low toxicity, but add the dose of overmuch, side effects are obvious.At present, the commonly used preservatives sorbic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, phytoncid, carbon dioxide, nitrate, nitrite, sulfurous acid and so on, among them with sulfite a greater risk of cancer, such as sulfites in soy sauce, what will happen when it enters the body nitrosation reaction, generate carcinogenic tsnas and result in cancer of liver, esophagus, etc.Sorbic acid and sorbic acid armour is internationally recognized as one of the safety of preservatives.

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