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Internationalization Of Chinese Medicine: There Is A Market For Safety Standards
Jan 23, 2018

    Homebred Chinese medicine is once again met with cold reception overseas. It is reported that the British drug administration announced that from next year on April 30, it is strictly prohibited without permission of the Chinese herbal medicine clinics in the UK and finished product sales, and a kind of Chinese herbal medicine products have not been Britain's official permission. This is a new blow to the overseas promotion and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

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   Now, the biggest obstacle to traditional Chinese medicine is safety concerns, such as excessive mercury in traditional Chinese medicine. So the internationalization of Chinese medicine can't act too hastily, first is needed in formulation and strictly implement the unified domestic industry and production safety standards, to ensure security before they can seize the chance, and this is conducive to protect the largest domestic patients' rights and interests of the consumer groups. Generally underdeveloped domestic Chinese medicine enterprises, the heavy metal pollution in the process of production, pesticide residues, and the serious problem of banned substances and other harmful substance cannot guarantee quality and stability, and drug safety problems and extensive production are list. However, the government has not formulated and implemented strict quality standards, and the processing and extraction process of medicinal materials has not been standardized, and a large number of medicinal materials from small workshops have become the source of problems.

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   It is also true that "iron needs to be hard" in this case. The cold reception of Chinese medicine in the world is by no means the western bias or discrimination can be summarized, the Chinese medicine enterprises are less likely to ignore their own shortcomings for such reasons. By comparison of "Chinese prescription medicine" in Japan and South Korea, "Korean medicine" in the world enjoy a higher status, especially the former occupies 80% share of the international market, the reason is that it combines well international rules and traditional Chinese medicine theory, and that's worthy of traditional Chinese medicine drug firms thinking and learning. At present domestic enterprises more export herbs and cannot provide consumers international standard medicines, but is the foreign production of a large number of "foreign Chinese medicine" with the quality and curative effect advantage and aggressively to occupy the Chinese market, and it's reflection. In short, so-called thinking or cultural differences can no longer be a reason for domestic companies to cling to their positions.

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   In recent years, there have been many cases of death and adverse events caused by traditional Chinese medicine injections, and the safety of traditional Chinese medicine is not only related to its internationalization, but is closely related to basic people's livelihood. Sometimes international pressure can be the driving force behind domestic changes, such as the melamine incident, which is largely due to the difficulties of New Zealand, which has its value. Some experts angrily say that the standard of Chinese medicine cannot be determined by others, but it is necessary to have strength first, and the strength comes from the patient's trust. Market competition will not be merciless to any so-called "quintessence". Traditional Chinese medicine enterprises cannot demand the loyalty of consumers in the name of "traditional culture", but to carry forward the traditional charm by respecting the safety concerns of consumers and satisfying the medical needs of consumers.

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