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Reveal Green Tea Extract Can Become Neurotoxic Inhibitors Principle
Nov 23, 2017


The Canadian McMasterUniversity of this study reveals the potential mechanism of green tea is good for the brain.Green Tea Extract antioxidant and detoxifying properties, such as alzheimer's disease may help fight catastrophic diseases.However, scientists have not yet fully understand their role at the molecular level, and how to use them to find better treatments.

Pre-clinical evidence that the main component ofGreen Tea  polyphenols called EGCG(table gallic catechin gallic acid ester), the brain can interfere with the risk of alzheimer's patients toxic oligomeric assembly is formed, in the early days of the molecular cascade steps, this is one of the important factors leading to cognitive decline.

A new method of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) decryption molecular mechanism

Giuseppe MelaciniProfessor explained that they think the EGCG Parcel toxicity oligomers, and prevent them from development and with the role of healthy cells.However, the molecular mechanisms induced by EGCG is not fully clear.

In combination with 15 nExchange and 1 h dark state saturation transfer (DEST), a new method of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and with the fluorescent chemical shift projection of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), dynamic light scattering and electron microscope method, to investigate the correlation between the EGCG beta amyloid protein oligomer.They found that after combined with EGCG, A beta (1-40) structure had the very big change.The obvious structure change in understanding why EGCG is neurotoxic inhibitor molecular mechanism provides the basis

Green Tea Extract.png

Researchers say the discovery is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)) method is the outcome of the development, also reflected the DEST new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method based on found the effectiveness of low molecular weight amyloid protein inhibitors.This finding, published on the top cover of chemical disciplines, could lead to new treatments and further drug discovery.

The actual implementation and problems to be solved

Once symptoms, alzheimer's disease cannot be cured, so it is best to early intervention.This could mean 15 May occur in the diseaseTo 25 years ago, also have no symptoms, using green tea extracts or its derivatives.

Next, the researchers hope to solve some difficult problems in the actual implementation, such as how to modify EGCGAnd similar molecules, so that they can be effectively used as a food additive.EGCG is not stable at room temperature, it is well known to enter human body, especially the brain.

MelaciniThe professor said "food additives may be as a key or auxiliary treatment.In addition to sports and health way of life, when people are young use up the value of the food additives are very important to increase the chances of healthy aging."



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