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Specification Using Additive Not A Health Hazard
Nov 23, 2017

In recent years, after the media exposure of the food safety problem is not a few, such as "hebei duck eggs of hearts event" "dyeing steamed bread events", etc., but Chen Junshi believe in the true sense of food safety problems are in the minority.So-called food safety problems, according to the world health organization's definition, refers to the poisonous and harmful substances in food on human health have an impact on public health issues.But according to the domestic experts, according to the food safety risk assessment done per person a day long to eat one thousand contains micro content of Sudan red hearts duck egg, will cause to the body health.While from the point of risk, "duck eggs of hearts event" don't make food safety issues, but because of the wide attention of the society, caused a discussion and consumers for food safety concerns.

Chen Junshi often add trace elements of lead in drinks, for example, to join the national security standard amount is acceptable, but more than the standard, even if only a little, the risk is unacceptable, from a management perspective, the drink is not qualified."There is no such thing as zero risk on food safety, but we must from regulation for zero tolerance, all does not allow unqualified food there."

Use of food additives is a health hazard

Food additives by most consumers put on the hat of heinous, think all of food additives is unhealthy and harmful to the body, some products also tend to "pure natural, no add" for the stunt to attract consumers.Chen Junshi as food additives, soft point, the old man asked young people claim to have chewy, children require food color is gorgeous, all of these different needs is to rely on food additives.

So "food additive is the soul of the modern food processing industry".In fact, no food additive is, indeed, does not exist, and the food additive has its legal status.

;"The overall situation of China's food safety is good, and the qualified rate of above 90%", Chen Junshi think over the past few years our country's food security situation has made significant progress, but consumers are not effusive, less comfortable to food security.Than at the beginning of the 21st century, in fact, the ministry of health of sampling test of the national food samples, the total qualified rate has been increased from 50% to 60% to 50% or even higher, and the children's growth and development was raised more and more longer life expectancy, China also shows that our country's food security situation continues to improve.

So why consumers on food safety information is not enough, always investigate its reason, Chen Junshi think it with consumer demand for food safety "zero risk", the improvement of the consciousness and government risk communication ability.Especially consumers worried about the lack of scientific basis, and the government in the absence of risk communication, experts are not willing to face the media, the information asymmetry in the correct scientific information at a disadvantage, caused consumers worried about food safety too much.

In fact, since 2009, the food safety law, food safety risk monitoring has covered 80% of the nation's counties and cities, the food safety risk assessment system are constantly construction, is expected to more than 5000 standard in 2015 can be integrated, set up the only mandatory national standard food safety system.Food safety is a global problem, not to avoid "specialty" is not China, but consumer food safety problems in China have such a serious misunderstanding, is one of the "characteristic" of China's food safety problem.

Based on the cognition of risk, domestic opinion of gm technology is completely inconsistent.In Chen Junshi view genetically modified (gm) in strict sense does not belong to food safety problems.At present, the domestic didn't through any form of promotion and publicity of transgenic crops, in can not be sure what or bad or good, did not realize the commercialization and industrialization of genetically modified (gm) crops, so consumers don't have to worry about genetically modified food will do harm to health.At present, he thought, for more key is to strengthen supervision of genetically modified food, avoid the illegal circulation in the market.

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