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Take You To The Ginseng Planting Base Of HOSUNBIO
Jun 05, 2018

Ginseng planting base

     Along with the expansion of agriculture and the loss of habitat, wild ginseng has completely disappeared, become rare or been threatened in many formerly thriving areas.

     Ginseng planting requires strict growth conditions, so we select the best production base.

                     ginseng extract.jpg    ginseng extract.jpg

1.Planting environment of Hosunbio's ginseng base

    The broad - leaved forest and mixed forest with oak and linden trees are generally selected.

Ginseng like a cold climate, the average annual temperature of 2.4 ~ 13.9 ℃, annual rainfall of 500 ~ 2 000 mm under the conditions of cultivation.

ginseng extract.jpg

2.The soil

    Ginseng is not resistant to drought and waterlogging, and the relative moisture content of soil is better than 70% ~ 80%. Therefore, it is very important to do well drainage irrigation.

ginseng root extract.jpg

3. Requirements of light

    Ginseng is a negative plant with strict requirements on light. The compensation point of ginseng light is about 400 lux. Light increased from 400 lux to 10,000 lux, and the rate of photosynthesis seems to have risen sharply.

   Too much light, short plants, thick yellow leaves. The light is weak, the plants are thin and tall, the leaves are thin and thick green, and the growth is abnormal. Therefore, when planting ginseng, shade should be used to adjust the transmittance, avoid direct intense light, and use scattered light and refractive light.

   The optimal intensity of ginseng, vary with the latitude and the temperature change, low latitude high temperatures required to strong light, small, conversely high latitude area at low temperature is 7000-22 000 lux, higher temperature of low latitudes is 7000 ~ 10000 lux.

ginseng leaf extract.jpg


    From the resource survey, raw material base location, seed selection, planting, harvesting to the supplier assessment and control, on a per link we have professional research, planning and research, with the purpose of environmental protection, the principle of sustainable development and scientific construction own raw materials base and raw material supply.Two years of hard work, waiting for the harvest of green hope.

ginseng extract.jpg

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